Sourfaux! How to distinguish real sourdough

Hi there!
This week I’d like to tell you some important info about sourdough. If you’re not making your own sourdough, it can  be hard to know if you’re getting the real deal. Some bread labeled ‘sourdough’ has a sour flavour added but is leavened with fast-rising yeast aka bakers yeast. If you look closely at the ingredients there’s probably a whole list of other random ingredients added- emulsifiers, enzymes, improvers, even sugar. A good true blue sourdough should such as mine, should just have water, flour, salt and natural leaven. My idol, Vanessa Kimbell from the the Sourdough School says ‘If you’re buying in store, you’re buying blind because there’s actually no legal definition whatsoever—we’re open to interpretation. It’s not wrong. It’s just not transparent.”  So next time you find yourself at the supermarket buying bread on the fly (because you forgot to get your order in with me!!!!) make sure you check the ingredient list or ask the baker what’s in their bread and is it 100% soudough. I can assure you, all SheOak baker breads are genuine sourdough made with flour, water, salt and natural leaven so you can be sure you’re getting the good stuff! Be sourdough street-smart and order a loaf today!
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