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Wednesday delivery/pick-up, order by Monday 3pm.

Friday Delivery/pick-up, order by Wednesday 3pm.

Sourdough bread subscription

What’s better than fresh bread? Fresh bread delivered to your door. Thats what!

Literally, bread that is paddock to plate. The wheat is grown on the family farm in Lameroo and is milled moments before mixing into the dough, where depending on the loaf, is then blended with other flours sourced from South Australia.

The Wholewheat Flour contains 100% of the whole wheat kernel, meaning these breads contain the mineral rich bran and vitamin-E rich germ in their original proportions. The grain is milled daily, by grinding the grain to preserve the vitamin and protein content and in turn allows the natural oils to shine in a creamy, fragrant, and nutritionally superior wholegrain flour, and loaf of bread.

Wednesday delivery, order by Monday midnight.

Friday Delivery, order by Wednesday midnight.