New Spelt Loaf

Howdily doodly folks, This week I bring to you a new and improved Spelt loaf. This one evolved for my neighbourino (hey Bronte!) who was looking for something a bit more wholesome and wholegrain-y. So we came up with the perfect ratios of flours, including fresh milled Spelt from Four Leaf Milling. I buy the grain from them and mill it myself so you can be sure all the good stuff is still in there – the bran, germ, and all the nutrients that come with it. I’ve been making this loaf for us each week and now we think its good enough to set it free, out into the world, for everyone else to enjoy. This one will set you back $10 and is oh so worth it. Give it a try! Orders close midnight tonight.Cheers Mates 

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