Farm Update

Holy smokes, isn’t that image a pretty sight?! How good is that wheat crop looking!? I was back at the farm in Lameroo over the weekend for Father’s Day and took the opportunity to head out and inspect the crops, which are all looking lush by the way! It’s been an excellent wet winter and wheat prices are looking good due to poor (hot), growing conditions in Russia, Europe and Ukraine, so there’s not much wheat kicking about. So, as you can imagine my folks are feeling pretty stoked about producing some of Australia’s finest wheat this season, and lots of it too, as this particular variety shown in the photo I took, is called Sceptre, and it’s a yielding beast! And what does this mean for you and I?! Well, I can continue to supply you with high quality whole grain sourdough bread! But, there’s always a but, there’s still a lot of the season to get through. And it’s not forecast to rain this week yet… Spring rain is really important for the plant to be able push out a full head of plump delicious and nutritious wheat berries. So if I can ask you all to spare some thoughts to the farmers, send some good vibes out there, because they’re all quietly stressing about the rain over the next few weeks, and lets hope to hell we get a good 25mm of rain soon!

On another note, as a special Friday treat I’ll be making my lemon curd and davidson plum meringue tartlettes for $5 each. ORDER NOW

I will deliver these along with your bread. Just ensure there is somewhere safe for me to put them! And remember, ordering closes tonight at midnight!

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