Farm Update

It’s been a while since I gave you a farm update, and the farmers around SA are starting to put their crops in the ground so I thought no time like the present ‘eh.Over the Easter weekend, my family started to dry sow some sheep feed to test out their new seeding equipment which allows for improved precision of seed placement. Important to get right. Too deep and the seed is sluggish and takes a long time to emerge, to shallow and the seed can be damaged. Lou, pictured with bubba Ivy and bubba no.2 on the way, is digging a hole in the VERY dry ground to check that the new equipment is behaving. All seems to be doing well, we just need some rain now. Like, right now please.Below image of Andy (left) and Gaz aka Dad (right) with new seeding equipment. YEWH!

Oh yeah, and dont forget to order your bread for Friday NOW

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