Originally a farm girl from the Mallee, Gabi hit the big smoke as a young’un to train as a Pastry Chef. Her skills, passion and adoration of food has grown throughout her training and experiences at various business around Adelaide, and now continues as she makes her own creations from her home in Belair. Gabi specialises in delicate pastries, cakes decorated with a unique flair and sourdough breads, all handcrafted and made with the grain grown by Janet and Gaz (her legend parents) on their farm in hometown Lameroo.

So the legend says, Gabi and 3 elder sisters have many memories of raising animals on the farm, including poddy lambs, pet calves, pigs, chooks and ducks … they certainly knew where their food came from. In the background, the vegetable garden and wheat crops were nearby, and in this setting they learnt important life skills. To this day there is an agronomist, agricultural scientist, apiarist and a baker in the family. The farm and family home is still a strong part of their lives and is the backdrop to many delicious gatherings and celebrations.

With this upbringing in the bush, it makes sense that Gabi’s creations are made and inspired by the seasons, native Australian ingredients, use of local produce and traditional techniques. Gabi allows the ingredients to be the shining star in each new creation and she looks forward to nourishing and getting to know her community.

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