Bread a staple, pastry a treat! 

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slow fermented, freshly milled, Family grown grains

Just like fresh ground coffee or freshly cracked pepper, fresh milled grain tastes better! Plus it’s nutritionally superior because the flour contains all the good bits from the grain- the mineral rich bran and germ, all in their original proportions. Better yet, our wheat is grown on our family farm in the Mallee. We bake mostly with our own wheat, but do call upon our friends for some other locally grown grains and flours.

Sourdough Bread

Get fresh bread delivered to your door, or pick up from us in Parkside.

croissant adelaide


Rolled and baked to order. All the classics you know and love!

bread subscriptions

A bread crisis? Not in your household! Set and forget and never run out of bread again.

pick up or delivery
tuesday & friday

Please note minimum order of $18 for delivery. Please check the map to see if you are within our delivery zone. If you are not, please pick up your bread between 11-3pm on our bake days.

For delivery, please ensure there is somewhere safe to leave the bread if you are not home. We can’t give you an exact delivery time, but it will be after 12 midday, and before 5.30pm. 

On the farm and in the bakery we try to be as efficient, economical and sustainable as we can be, so please allow 48 hours for your bread to be made. This allows the bread to ferment and develop flavour and so we have zero waste from guessing our production numbers. 

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